”Life is Bioutifoul”

Hi there, Here is an external link on some extra artwork I do when I am not a CG Artist. It’s a place where I learn more about colors and shapes, my patience bundaries and where I can connect and share more on a human level. It allows me to get my creativity to an all different level. For a long time I have been wondering if I should, for a living, be a 3d Artist or go back to Fine arts stuffs. I no longer fight with myself. I just do both when opportunities come along and I  appriciate every bit of any of it. It’s all about creation after all and to express myself and share with others. It is also an excellent excuse to escape from computers sometimes. Instead of being in front of the computer 24/7, I just go out to observe and create with different materials. It gives me great balance. Well, nothing revolutionary here, but I hope you’ll like it.



Joachim Loesener (born 1982, Strasbourg, France) is a dynamic artist devoted to creation.
He inherits a varied experience in the fine arts, a more academic art as well as animation 2d / 3d. The passion he talks about is inspired by the environment in which we live today.
His art conceptualizes his interpretation of the life and emotion of the human mind. His approach is carefree, but conscious of all aspects of human nature.
He believes that what is fascinating about art and all its facets is what each person’s interpretation and the sensitivity that each person has, can develop from a single form or color.
“It’s all about emotions anyway,” he says regularly.
Joachim is of a positive nature. He likes to boldly appropriate the lights and colors in his productions. His favorite materials are poscas, acrylic and pencils; thus creating detailed and colorful worlds, composed of characters as wacky as each other.
Joachim’s talents are not just about drawing and painting. He is also involved in the performing arts such as theater and live performances.
Joachim currently lives in Prague, Czech Republic, where he continues to work and explore the curious nature of life. His art is composed of combinations.
A sort of labyrinth without exit. However, his intention is to leave a door open to alternatives so that everyone can tell their own story by seeing his scenes.
Following shapes and colors, his development leads him to constantly explore and look for new ways to express his creations.
Doing this by using different materials (fabrics, woods, metals, walls … etc.) and processes (illustrations, paintings, spray, sketches … etc)
He wants to continually evaluate and discover new ways to visually represent what he has in mind in both volumes and colors.
If he had to qualify in some qualities the way of his art, he would use terms such as “fascination of detail”, “conscientiously scramble”, or “meli melo”


Auction for Madagascar
Kilkenny – Ireland
(1 month)
Art’fordable for all
Narbonne – France
(1 month)
Shanghai – Chine
(6 months)
MobART – PMQ Pop-up Art
Central – Hong Kong
(2 months)
Common Ground/Look My Babouch
Sheung Wan – Hong Kong
(2 months)
How Many Squares (The Roundhouse)
TST – Hong Kong
(1 year)
Du Traditionnel au moderne
Strasbourg – Alsace – France
(1 month)


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